Folkmusikern Eva Åström Rune

The Opened Door


Eva Aström Rune, musician, Sweden
Paul Hanmer, musician, South Africa

Coordination and Financial Management:

the music desk, Johannesburg (part of The Cultural Development Trust)

Project background:

In 1996 two musicians from two very different continents, Eva Aström Rune
from Sweden and Paul Hanmer from South Africa, and backgrounds met briefly
through mutual friends in Johannesburg. This brief musical encounter
inspired them both and they stayed in touch until 1999 before deciding to
get together to see if the collaboration that they aspired to would work
out. As Eva was into Swedish Traditional Music, Paul thought it would be
good to bring a South African musician from a Xhosa Traditional background
(Khanya Ceza) whereby Paul's role could be one to merge the two cultures and
to add a more contemporary feel to this musical exchange.
This upper north and far south connection turned out to be a strong link
that was not to be forgotten easily.

The name 'The Opened Door' was inspired by a passage in a story by Peter
Pohl. In his book 'De Stora Penslarnas Lek' there is a short story about the
Little Soul who journeys into Eternity. Little Soul is going through a
transformation and when the time is right Little Soul reaches a door. A door
that slowly opens. The door leads into The Unbelievable Dream, the dream
that is dreamt by the Unborn Lives. The Opened Door inspired the lyrics of
the first song with the same title on the Demo CD that is enclosed.

Eva writes: "That short story is a great symbol for me in our project. How
we can identify with Little Soul in front of the next door. How we can
accommodate transformation in our lives and how we can discover that the
door is actually opened. I hope that our musical meeting will be such an
opened door where anyone who wants and has the courage may enter. Doors
between cultures are something needed in Sweden as well in South Africa.
Something I really like with this story of Peter Pohl is that it shows us to
find this as individuals. Each one of us must take the step on his/her own.
The doors look a little different for each one of us and we are all pretty
small somewhere in our greatness.

Every time the Demo CD was played to people the response was incredibly
enthusiastic no matter what the people¹s cultural background was or where
they were from both in Sweden and in South Africa.

2003 Project description:

A much heard remark around the collaboration between the three musicians,
Eva, Paul and Khanya is that even though there have been other
collaborations between musicians from the Nordic countries and South
African¹s this is the first project that really draws on the folk music of
each country and blends these tunes, rhythms and structures into new songs
which are recognised by listeners from both cultures. Yet the songs are
refreshingly new and appeal to a wide audience because of their diversity
and the quality of the music. Added to this is the craftsmanship with which
the songs are performed, a truly remarkable achievement.

Artists involved

From South Africa:
Paul Hanmer, composer, pianist, arranger and producer.
Khanya Ceza, a composer, vocalist and praise poet from the Xhosa tradition.
Basi Mahlasela, percussionist who is both familiar with contemporary western
and African rhythms and has in-depth knowledge of the various Southern
African traditional patterns.

From Sweden:
Eva Aström Rune, composer, singer.
Jonas Sjoblom a percussionist who plays tablas and is very skilled in Nordic
David Tallrot, guitarist who is part of the up and coming generation of folk

For full biographies see attachment OArtists Biographies².

2003 South African Tour and CD Launch

The plan is to release the existing songs (copy of CD enclosed) on a CD
called OTHE OPENED DOOR¹. The CD will be launched by the original musicians
plus 3 added musicians in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

CD Launch
For the launch and promotional tour Eva Aström Rune would come to South
Africa with 2 fellow musicians from Sweden. They would the team up with the
South African component of the group, Paul Hanmer, Khanya Ceza and a


Johannesburg and Soweto

The Johannesburg launch of the CD will take place at the Bassline, the most
important Jazz and World music venue in Johannesburg on the first weekend of
October. If the record company is launching some other CD´s as well it might
be a double launch at the main theatre of the Civic Theatre in Johannesburg.
The Bassline performance would then still take place. We are also looking at
a Pretoria performance (Tings and times) and possibly one in Soweto (Uncle
Tom´s or Stella´s Place).


2 Workshops will be organised in Johannesburg via the MIDI Trust in Newtown
and MUSA, the musicians union. These workshops will focus on researching
traditional material and applying the material in a contemporary way and on
comparing traditional patterns from a Swedish and South African background.
These workshops will be aimed at developing a sense of pride and knowledge
for the indigenous and traditional music.
A further workshop will be hosted by Mfubu Lodge and Gallery in Phalaborwa.
The owner is a lady of Czech birth who lived for 25 years in Sweden and
often hosts artists workshops in her lodge. When she heard about this
collaboration she immediately got very excited and invited us to host a
workshop in her lodge. As we would like to assist students from
disadvantaged backgrounds to attend we have put an item for travel
assistance in the budget.

Cape Town

Negotiations are under way with Kirstenbosch Gardens for the Cape Town
launch, which would be a perfect setting for a magical evening. Currently a
Cape Town promoter Christian Syren (from Swedish descent) who got very
excited about this project is looking at the booking possibilities.


A series of workshops could take place at the University of Cape Town as
there have been previous contacts before.

Plans for 2004

The South African tour will not only be an opportunity to showcase the work
that has been done already but also provide the possibility of working on
new material together. It seems therefore a logical step to take the new
material to Sweden and record it there before having a tour there. Eva Rune
is currently investigating the possibilities of touring and finding funds to
pay for the Swedish tour. Judging by the response she has had so far when
people heard the demo cd, we are confident that this will not be a problem.


Paul Hanmer was born in Cape Town in 1961.  His musical interest started at
an early age. In the early 70´s he began classical piano and theory lessons.
After three years at the University of Cape Town, studying for a B.Mus.
degree, Paul started working in a variety of different fields. He took leave
of absence from UCT to work with guitarist Paul Peterson (who replaced the
late Russell Herman in OSaints Rejoice¹), who also introduced Paul to many
musicians. He performed with Top-40 bands, did jazz standards and played in
several original bands.
In 1987 Paul Hanmer moved to Johannesburg and expanded his musical career by
working with various cabaret acts and played in musicals and theatre
productions, and was exposed to musicians like Khaya Mahlangu and other
members of the now defunct Sakhile. With his love for collaborative work,
Paul has recorded with the likes of Tananas, Miriam Makeba, Ray Phiri, McCoy

In 1997 Sheer Sound released Paul Hanmer´s first solo album OTrains to
Taung¹, featuring the cream of South Africa´s musicians. OTrains to Taung¹
features Denis Lalouette, Jethro Shasha, Louis Mhlanga, Basi Mahlasela, Neil
Ettridge and Andre Abrahamse. ³Trains to Taung² was consequently nominated
for three FNB awards and continues to sell in considerable numbers
throughout the country. Jazz and music lovers generally, have waited with
baited breath for his follow up project, ³Window to Elsewhere². On this
album Paul not only enhances his credibility as one of South Africa´s finest
jazz pianists but also as a composer and arranger.
Picking up where ³Windows To Elsewhere² left off and the culmination of
recordings as far back as ³Primal Steps² and ³Trains To Taung², ³Playola²
emphasized the incredible creative well from which he draws inspiration.
Paul´s 4th solo album,  ³Naivasha² is a selection of music mostly written
from Paul´s home.  The album is a dedication to the people in his life and
pays homage to them in tracks like OFanfare¹, dedicated to his wife Angela,
and ³Naivasha¹ about the Lake of the same name in Kenya, where for Paul, the
horn voices of McCoy Mrubata and Marcus Wyatt echo the exceptional bird-life
which congregates around this particular lake.


Master percussionist. Basi Mahlasela was born and raised in Soweto,
Johannesburg where he was actively involved in the OSoweto-uprising of
1976¹. He started his career at an early age working with the theatre-group
OLulu Wena¹ with whom he toured internationally. During the OApartheid
days¹, in 1978 he moved to California, USA. Basi has worked as a session
musician with the band Zulu Spear, and has supported bands such as Santana,
Fela Kuti and Manu Dibango.
After returning to South Africa in 1993, Basi worked with numerous artist
including Bayete, the late Mike Makhalemele, Caiphus Semenya, Letta Mbulu,
Sibongile Khumalo, Johnny Clegg, Jonas Gwangwa, and various international
acts such as Peobo Bryson, the Manhattans, Andy Narrrel and performed at the
North Sea Jazz Festival. Basi¹s theatre credits include The Healing Song,
The Baobab Tree and Milestones. His studio recordings are too numerous to


Born             : Dec 29, 1973 in Peddie (Eastern Cape,SA)
Instrument        : Voice
Styles            : Afro-Vocal, Praise Poetry.
Worked With    : McCoy Mrubata, Paul Hanmer, Suthukazi Arosi,Gloria Bosman,
Andile Yenana.
              AfroVibes (NL).
Songwriter        : Ubuntu (Suthukazi Arosi); Tranquility (Gloria Bosman).
Cell Number        : +27-83 962 7288
E-mail Address        :
Nationality        : South African
Home Language    : Xhosa
Other Languages    : Sotho, Zulu, English, Afrikaans.



Eva Åström Rune, 1970, graduated in 1995 from the Royal Academy of Music in
Stockholm. Together with Paul Hanmer and Khanya Ceza she started the project
The Opened Door in 1998, an artistic exchange and a meeting between Sweden
and South Africa in music. She performs traditional Swedish folksongs in
various contexts, such as ensembles (Alruna, K4), contemporary music, modern
dance and theatre: Beaivvas Sami Theatre, Sweden National Theatre and Mellby


David Tallroth, 1974, graduated in 2001 from the Royal Academy of Music in
Stockholm. Current groups are Klacklek and Harv, regarded as two of the most
famous  folkmusic groups in Sweden today. David has been on tour in the
ensemble of Västanå Theatre as composer and musician.


Jonas Sjöblom. Percusion and flutes. After a degree in master of fine arts
of music education -1989, Jonas has been working as a musician and
musicproducer with artist like Wille Crafoord, Håkan Hagegård, Johan Hedin
and Nordman. Western drums and flutes is mixed with instruments from all
over the world. Tablas, Djembe, Darabukka, tinwhistle, recorders and
indianflutes. Member of the groups: Brand, Cellout, Jonas Knutssonband,
Marrakesh, Plan3 (inkl Gunnar Idenstam and Lisa Rydberg), Monica Ramos band,
Mikael Samuelson band. ( )

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